Who is the boss of the burger empire

Hannover.They know their way to Hanover’s Duke burger chain with beef. Grilled and placed between two sides of a bun, the meatballs are so flavored that the “duke” has grown rapidly in recent years. It now has branches in Hanover, Gottingen and Braunschweig. The door of the store says “Come if you want beef,” which is pretty ambiguous.

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Because beef also means ‘stress’ or ‘trouble’, and those in charge of the chain have had more of this type of beef lately than they would like. Customs and prosecutors arrived in Duke on May 6th. and made serious charges against four men and one woman.

Duke Burgers: Also includes Zo’e and Pizza Punks

In a somewhat confusing gastronomic empire that also owns the Pizza Punks pizzeria in Linden and the Zo’e restaurant behind the opera in Rathenaustraße, researchers suspect undeclared work and millions in subsidies. Two men and one woman were detained.

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Since then, 46-year-old Abdullah B. and 53-year-old Sevgi K. have been detained for risk of hiding. The 39-year-old man, who was apparently in charge of the “duke’s” IT, is now free again. Once the prosecutor’s office protects the company’s servers, there is no longer any risk of power supply. Pepe S. also plays a “fairly subordinate role,” says Oliver Eisenhauer, Hanover’s first prosecutor.

Duke Burger: Who’s in charge?

What’s going on at Duke, whose burgers are so delicious to many people in Hanover, and who are the defendants? Some appear on paper as shareholders and CEOs, but apparently have less accountability to the “duke” than they seem. Abdullah B., on the other hand, is sitting in jail even though he is not in the books.

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So is a 46-year-old man the real prince of the burger empire? According to information from the environment, only he has a word. What role do other suspects then play?

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Hakam S. is the founder of the company

Hakam S., a 34-year-old businessman, is the founder of the Burger Network. He was the owner and CEO when in 2016. At the beginning of the 19th century, the company opened its first small branch in Langen Laube. The company founded by Hakamo S. is still embossed by the “prince”. Best Taste GmbH also owns the trademarks of Zo’e and Pizza Punks.

Good appetite: Hakam S. 2017 m.  month of January.

Good appetite: Hakam S. 2017 m. month of January.

According to his profile on the LinkedIn career network, S. is now the CEO of a company in Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) that has nothing to do with gastronomy. As of 2019, he is no longer officially a member of Duke, and may have retired earlier. It is unclear why S. left. The 34-year-old did not answer the questions.

Hakam S. has launched an investigation into allegations of undeclared work. The prosecutor’s office assumes that the health, pension and care insurance contributions of the Duke’s chefs and service staff have not been paid into social security funds. What amount is unclear.

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Felix F. – chef

Felix F. (30) is the face of the burger chain from the outside. The trained chef was next to Hakam S from the beginning. When the “duke” started, he was almost 24 years old and he was at the barbecue in Lange Laube – but not for long. In the same year, F. left the “duke” and opened his own restaurant “The Forester” in Sarstedte.

Those who listen to birds fear less

The roads of Felix F. and Abdullah B. last intersected at this point. B. used to run the Apos snack bar in the “Forester’s” rooms. According to the land register, the owner of the property is Sevgi B. In turn, Sevgi B. appears in an article in the local newspaper as the wife of Abdullah B.

F. Sarstedte did not stay long. Less than a year later, F. again resigned from the Forester. Maybe because the investment didn’t pay off because the business wasn’t going as planned. Officially, F. stated the reasons for the health and the “lucrative offer.” 2017 in May he returned to Hanover for “duke.”

F. is now Duke’s sole shareholder and CEO. The corporate environment says that Felix F. has been in debt to Abdullah B since the time of Sarstedt. After the raid …

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