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Not only in the real world, but also in the world of Avatar, some time has passed, as evidenced by the fact that the main characters in Avatar 2 have three Na’vi children, including a human son. . How can this be and what is behind it?


From “Avatar 2The announcement usually presents spectacular images of Na’vi and their homeland, Pandora, but on closer inspection, it is also rich in interesting details. So you can already see from the trailer, as a dead villain in Avatar, Quaritch (Stephen Lang) may return – and we see that there is also a human (!) child in the family of Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

The explanation for this has nothing to do with the basic assumption that people like Jake slip into the cloned bodies of Na’vi-type avatars, or any of the resulting weirdness in reproduction, but is much simpler:

Miles Socorro, also known as Spider, the name of a human child, was born to two people at a military base in Pandora and was adopted by Jake and Neytiri. Spider (plays Jack’s champion) was left on an extraterrestrial moon because it was still too small for years of interstellar travel home to Earth.

We remember: at the endAvatarsNa’vi and their fighting friends managed to defeat the evil corporation RFID and its soldiers and expel people from Pandora. The spider was probably left then.

Family dynamics with potential conflict

The announcement shows that Spider and his brothers Na’vi Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Britain Dalton) and Tuktirey (The bliss of the Trinity) agree very well with each other and explore (and experience) the jungles, beaches and seas of Pandora together.


Spider (Jack’s champion) and his brothers and sisters Na’vi are in danger

But Spider and his human origins also have some potential for conflict as a producer for Avatar and Avatar 2 Jonas Landau stated some time ago, “Jake has [Spider] including, but Neytiri considers him one of those who destroyed her homeland and killed her father. So this family dynamic is evolving.

Either way, family is the main topic this time around, Landau says. “We take Jake and Neytiri and create the most universal theme around them – the family. Jake is from the human world, Neytiri from the Na’vi world. They are like a modern, mixed couple raising children who can feel independent of neither world.

Avatar 2: The Waterway“German cinemas will show in 2022. December 14 At the magazine Empireto whom Landau has revealed the following details about Jack’s champion figure, you can also view another photo of Spider:

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