Who is the girlfriend of a perfume influencer?

We took a closer look at successful influencer Jeremy Fragrance for you and found out if he has a girlfriend.

Are you currently using Jeremy Fragrance?

Jeremy Fragrance is very reserved when it comes to his personal and love life. How Saturday.1 In his recent celebrity portrait, the perfume influencer is current Lonely to be However, he is known to be in touch with Lara Kim Andersen led, whom he met in 2017. The couple is now going their separate ways.

Who is behind Jeremy Fragrance?

Jeremy Fragrance, whose real name is Daniel Schuetz is, born in 1989 February 5 in Oldenburg and now lives in the Bonn district of Holzlar. As the son of Polish immigrants, he grew up in relatively poor circumstances and was raised strictly Catholic. His Catholic faith gave him the motivation to pursue something bigger and more successful, so the previously unknown ambitiously pursued his goals. Next to him studies to industrial engineer, the young Jeremy Fragrance modeled, acted and in 2007 uploaded her first dance lessons to her YouTube channel. 2008-2010 he was a member of the boy group Part Six, which disbanded in 2011. During a trip to the US, Jeremy Fragrance came up with an idea Style and perfume tips transferred to men, after which in 2014 YouTube channel was created, which expanded with its own online store in 2018 due to its success. Later that year, Jeremy Fragrance was featured in the 5 Reasons to Wear Perfume video FiFi Award great In 2021, the currently highly successful fragrance influencer was even invited to a PR meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Jeremy Fragrance is still in touch with the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates. The self-proclaimed Ronaldo of Fragrances launched his podcast under the name in 2022. The Fragrance Podcast by Jeremy Fragrance, in which, of course, everything revolves around the world of fragrances. You can listen to the podcast at Podbean. He is now on almost every social media and inspires his many fans.

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Jeremy Fragrance is real luxury life, but it is also due to his iron discipline. His day starts at 05:29 and ends at 02:30. He also enjoys a cold shower every day and sometimes doesn’t eat until lunch. But then he takes up a healthy diet and is clearly against drugs. When Jeremy Fragrance isn’t talking about perfume, he’s often hitting the gym. A powerful man allows himself a luxurious life and a sports car, but still allows his less well-off parents also financial assistance and always charming and funny in public.

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Jeremy Fragrance currently: Fragrance expert on reality TV

Launched in 2022. November 18 “Promi Big Brother” into its tenth anniversary season, which also stars Jeremy Fragrance. In the new territory, the influencer will be completely spray your scent and to show how he settled down in common life with other stars and stars Micaela Shepherd or Valentin Doronina can insert becomes everyday Saturday.1 a report on the hustle and bustle of the most prominent apartment promotion in Germany, during which events the moderation team Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp will lead From Streaming service Joyn full episodes are also available so you can catch up if you miss an episode!

It looks like perfume influencer Daniel Schütz, aka Jeremy Fragrance, isn’t having any luck in love at the moment. After a relationship with ex-partner Lara Kim Andersen, the successful fragrance expert seems to be single at the moment. The YouTuber and podcaster has made a name for himself in the fragrance world and can count on millions of fans and followers. His success and extreme discipline allow Jeremey Fragrance to live a life of absolute luxury. But he briefly trades it for living with other celebrities: moving into the Big Brother house and taking part in the anniversary season of Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Of course, you can also get more information about the format from our colleagues at kino.de.

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