Who is the singer’s boyfriend?

We will tell you all the interesting information about the singer Doreen Steinert and find out if she currently has a boyfriend.

Is Doreen Steinert currently busy?

Currently the winner of Popstars Lonely, but is discreet about further details of her personal life. But the blonde power woman admits it publicly bisexuality. Although the singer has two dogs, she does not tell the public if she already has children of her own. In any case, her last extended relationship generated a lot of media attention, especially her breakup Former partner rapper Was. The couple was in a relationship between 2005 and 2012. Doreen Steinert and current ex-husband Charlotte Worth were even engaged shortly before their relationship ended. Dorren Steinert has gone public about his ex-boyfriend Was from, who formed a partnership with Charlotte Würdig shortly after the breakup. It should be noted that Doreen Steinert and Charlotte Würdig were best friends until now, and Doreen Steinert felt betrayed by both Sid and her friend. So she lost not only love, but also a close friendship. Doreen Steinert currently lives in Berlin.

Who is Doreen Steinert?

German singer Doreen Steinert was born on November 4, 1986 in Potsdam. She became especially famous in 2003 when she participated in this event casting show “Pop Stars”, where she only got a place in the last 50. Only a repeat appearance next year should make all the difference for the aspiring musician. She won the show with three other candidates, Markus Grimm, Patrick Boinet and Kristina Dorfer, and the four formed a pop group. “Nu Pagadi”. Both their first single “Sweetest Poison” and the album “Your Dark Side” released a year later reached number one in the German charts. in 2005 Doreen Steinert left the group to become a solo artist. She returned to the German charts with her debut single “Der Brief”. in 2006 followed by another single titled “I’m My Own Wife”, written by her then-partner Sido, followed by “I Don’t Sing To You Anymore”. Vanessa Petrus wrote Doreen Steinert’s No Angels volume.

Esaf: What is your favorite?

In 2011, Doreen Steinert appeared with her song “How could you?” Bundesvision Song Contest and reached 13th place. After a long musical hiatus, Sido-Ex returned in 2019 with the single “Missing You” and a year later released the song “I want a man” in collaboration with rapper Finch. in 2021 Doreen Steinert received acting training and launched her own podcast that same year “Naturally Carbonated”which has been extremely successful in its second season since 2022. and has already attracted many distinguished guests such as Marc Terenzi or Larisa Riss recorded in dialogue with Doreen Steinert. It can be heard on Spotify, Audio Now and beyond Podimo.

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Current: Doreen Steinert ventures into reality television

The tenth anniversary season continues from 2022. November 18 “Promi Big Brother”, featuring Doreen Steinert. For a musician it is erste Reality-Format altogether. How do they feel there among the other roommates Valentin Doronina or Micaela Shepherd like Jay Kahn claims you can watch it on TV. Sat.1 reports the events of Big Brother live on television every day. If you miss an episode, you can conveniently catch it Streamingdienst von Joyn look later Of course, we have more exciting details about Celebrity Big Brother 2022 presented here for you.

Singer Doreen Steinert, who publicly admits her bisexuality, is currently single. She was in a relationship with rapper Sido from 2005 to 2012 and even got engaged shortly before the breakup. The Berlin-based musician then vigorously campaigned against the rapper in the media. in 2004 The “Popstars” winner is now taking a step into reality TV and starting in 2022. November 18 takes part in the anniversary season of Celebrity Big Brother.

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