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I clip: The Tooth Fairy sings “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max.:

This has never happened before with The Masked Singer: the star becomes a mask live on stage. With the tooth fairy this is the first time this has happened. The celebrity transformed behind the wall of shadows.

Tooth Fairy Clues

  • In the intro, the Tooth Fairy admits that it took quite a while for her to make her first appearance in The Masked Singer.
  • Until now, the magical creature has only worked in secret. Only now did the tooth fairy dare to step into the spotlight and exchange her clean and white sparkling world for the big stage of the show.
  • Her accent also makes the guessing team wonder if she’s from Holland? England? America? Or is the accent just distracting?
  • The tooth fairy likes to look at the stars.
  • Her magical land is pink, full of twinkling stars, butterflies and tons of fan mail.
  • In episode 3, the tooth fairy appears with her friend Backi, whom she knows from dance school.
  • In episode 4, the tooth fairy is still raving about her last performance with her friend Backi, because he gave her courage and confidence.
  • Thanks to her newfound confidence, the tooth fairy has now overcome her shyness and is really making a splash these days.

Which star shines here?

Dressed with hundreds of rhinestones on her wings, the tooth fairy, who actually gives gifts to children at night, delighted viewers of all ages with her performance. To Episode 3 she also wrote Duet with whistle.

Events, birthdays, deaths - Saturday, 2022 on the calendar page. October 22

The fourth episode saw an unusual duet between the Tooth Fairy and the Black Mamba, where they sang together the Ariana Grande and John Legend version of the ballad Beauty and the Beast. The Tooth Fairy also performed a solo version of Dua Lipa’s hit Don’t Start Now. But who could hide behind the mask and perform such songs?

Does the tooth fairy reveal herself in her dialect?

In episode 4, he suspected that Rate Team Ruth Moschner, Giovanni Zarrella and Stefanie Kloss follow celebrities under the mask of the tooth fairy.

  • Chantal Janzen
  • Tahnee
  • Luna
  • Kate Hall
  • Patricia Kelly

The advice team also got into the tooth fairy accent Episode 3 bitten Ross Antony and Yvonne Catterfeld disagree about his nationality or even whether he is real. Accordingly, many different celebrity names throw them into the ring. This time, Ruth relies on Danish singers with Whigfield and Aura Dione.

  • Explorer of Ronja
  • Jessica Wahls of No Angels.
  • Monrose Bahar Kizil
  • Sylvie Mays
  • Aura in Dion
  • Kosma Shiva Hagen
  • Whigfield

To Series 2 the guessing team agrees that the tooth fairy’s dialect is an important clue. Eko Fresh is convinced that this is not the first time the tooth fairy has sung. The accent is not played, under the teeth fairy suspects something from the singing field. Karolina Kebekus is convinced: to play in dialect and sing well – only comedian Tahnee could do that.

Ruth Moschner throws the name “Luna” into the room: if the tooth fairy likes to look at the stars, then this could mean the name “moon” near the stars. Eko Fresh also had Luna on the “list”. Ilse de Lange is another Dutch musician who could be under the mask, advises Eko Fresh.

The problem was already known in 2021

The following names have been added to the game:

  • Ilse de Lange
  • Luna
  • Tahnee
  • Lena Meyer-Landrut

Tooth Fairy Speculations

Inside JoynMe app speculation continues. The #MaskedSinger community is betting on the following celebrities:

  1. Ilse de Lange
  2. Tahnee
  3. Patricia Kelly
  4. Love Kelly
  5. Leslie Clio

Which celebrity actually sings like the tooth fairy and who werewolf, Black Mamba dies and all other masks will be revealed as the season progresses. The Masked Singer is always on Saturdays at 8.15pm. via ProSieben.

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