Who knows something like 5/18/22: These are guests today

In the first diligently confused five days a week. Moderator When plum welcomes you to the popular ARD quiz “Who knows?“Two every day Guests, who are competing in the guesswork together with two team captains Bernhard Hoëcker or Elton. Also Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

  • who they were Guests me Rateteam?
  • Do they exist Consequence inside the consortium ARD Media Library?
  • How’s the show going?

All information about Guestsor Rateteam, Moderator and charisma an overview of the show can be found here

“Who knows?” Today: here are the guests in 2022. May 18

Moderator Kai Pflaume welcomes two new guests to each quiz show. However, these puzzles are not alone, they are formed together Bernhard Hoëcker or Elton tariff duo. This means that each captain of the fixed guess team gets a celebrity Studiogast to his side support.

Wer todayam 2022-05-18 in the studio at 6 p.m. if Gast was, see here:

From the online world, he enters the analog quiz competition: Jasmin Gnu is the most successful in Germany Online game. your opponent Sofia Thiel busy with it Social media-channel mainly with fitness and a healthy diet. Both women are already very successful online, but which one is better off with classic, analog betting? The answer is the first today.

“Who knows something like that?”: Broadcast dates, broadcast times and repetitions

From Monday to Friday, ARD spectators can wait for the eve of the puzzles. “Who knows that” is running away Every day a In the first 6 p.m. with a new episode. But even in the morning there is an opportunity before the TV puzzle with celebrities as one repetition the show is always happening 11:15 p.m..

Winetou and the Cultural Appropriation Debate

It’s them broadcast dates new release:

  • 2022 on Wednesday, May 18, at 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 2022-08-06, 11:15 (repeat)

“Who knows something like that?”: A stream in the ARD media library

who current episode von – Who knows? missed, lucky. 45 minutes of guessing and laughing together can also be seen in the ARD media library after the TV broadcast. From Traffic to the exhibition is available for one week.

“Who knows something like that?”: The course of the show

For two Studio guests is it inside Rateteam with Bernhard Hoëcker or Elton about it Questions to the hilarious and incredible facts from the host Kai Pflaume to answer. However, the two tariff duets are playing not only against each other but also for their sponsors Audience. Before the game begins, the studio spectators must choose one of the two guessing teams. In the main round, the teams meet alternately 12 fields with different categories. 500 euros is for them Right answer. Later final round the couples decide what amount to bet on the substantive issue. The full amount is then added or subtracted. Earned the amount of money will be split between the winning blocks.

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