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Klaus Kadir.

Under the heading ‘Who Said It?’, we’ll give you a succinct quote on Sunday morning – and you can guess who wrote it. You are also more than welcome to post your guesses in the comments section. In each case, choosing well-known names will help you.


“Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is the devil’s work.

who said that

(1) Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome

(2) Archbishop of Canterbury

(3) Margot Kässmann, Protestant Church

(4) Joe Biden, Catholic. They fear that he is like Nancy Pelosi, to whom the bishop no longer gives communion.

(5) Volodymyr Zelensky, as a Jew, was surprised when Putin classified him as a Nazi.

(6) Angela Merkel, a pastor’s daughter who faithfully served the GDR system until the end

(7) Gerhard Cardinal Müller, cat. church

(8) Gregor Gysi, SED/PDS/LINKE – never changed parties

(9) Rapper Massiv, no friend of Jews

The resolution will be here tonight from 8pm.

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