Who was eliminated in episode 6 on Thursday? What’s in Episode 7?

With “Bachelorette”, the circle of potential suitors for love keeps getting smaller, but the feelings – all the more. The sixth episode of the popular format also has endless emotions. And: What’s in Episode 6? What else is in series 7?

  • The sixth episode of The Bachelorette airs this Wednesday, July 20, and from July 13. RTL+ available.
  • In the sixth series, the tones become rougher: a scandal arises between the candidates. A production worker must intervene.
  • Who’s in Episode 6? What else is in Series 7?

For the ninth time, a desirable single woman is looking for great love on RTL! Sharon Battiste (30), known from the daily soap Köln 50667, will hatch in 2022. in the Bachelorette role. In the sixth series, several men were still fighting for the heart of the actress. The weather is getting stormier every week Today, it’s not only the candidates who notice it, but also the Bachelorette herself.

Spoiler! They are shown in 2022. In episode 6 of The Bachelorette

Dominic is in episode 6 (July 20, 2022). It was “overdue” for Sharon, as it had long been clear that the Bachelorette had no connection with Dominic. He looks pretty annoyed.

Hope By episode 6 it was clear he was probably on the hit list. That’s right! In the end, he didn’t get any more roses.

That means The Bachelorette Season 7 is in 2022

By the way: This has been clear to fans for a long time (Spoilers!) who is the winner of The Bachelorette 2022. And: We declare why the bachelorette party is naked. In addition, we show what Sharon Battiste used to look like. Of course, there will be debate again before this season’s finale, is the bachelorette party still with the winner. Also, fans are wondering why does a bachelorette lie about her ex-boyfriend Danny Liedtke.

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Spoilers: in betweenhe scrap is flying among the candidates today – the competition is increasing

“I feel like it’s getting more intense for men too,” the beauty said at the beginning the sixth episode A holiday. And indeed, feelings just overflow. Today there was a scandal between the candidates. A quarrel between real friends Hope (25) and Emanuel (29) bulges.

Reason for the fight (concise): Emanuel casually touches Umut’s light-colored pants with his shoes, which annoys him quite a bit: “Why are you putting your dirty shoes on my beige pants now?”
Emanuel wants to downplay the situation: “Ah, now your true face is showing, just because I’m doing something wrong!” He retorts: “You just spoke to me really disrespectfully”.
The situation escalated further, then Emanuel angrily fumed and threatened Umut, “Brother, don’t screw me man.”

Candidates from

The situation threatens to escalate when Luke gets involved.

“Behave a little… Both, Digga. Grow up!” he demands of the two brawlers. Maybe it wasn’t necessary, because now Emanuel feels provoked by Luke: “Brother, you don’t have to tell me how to behave.”

Then the situation gets even worse. Luke touches Emmanuel’s head and throws a real tantrum! Rags are really flying among men today. “Man, watch what you’re doing. […] Let’s move away from the camera,” Lukas can be heard saying excitedly. The clear message: Now he wants to do it with Emanuel. The situation on The Bachelorette is headed for a fight!

However, the intervention of the production team can prevent worse things from happening. And more: Sharon also notices that this is no longer a fun hangout, but a tough love competition.

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Sharon breaks down in tears: A bachelorette party struggles with her feelings

She develops feelings for several men at the same time and sometimes seems overwhelmed by the situation. After emotional conversations with Lukas (28) and month of January (31 years old), with whom he kissed more than once, it is too much for a 30-year-old. Luke seems to notice what’s going on with Sharon, and after the hug he asks, “But you’re peeing in your eyes, aren’t you?” Her response, “It’s okay!” doesn’t seem very convincing. Sharon immediately disappears from the scene. A little later you can hear them sniffing and crying. She explains:

Sharon Battiste and candidate Jan

That hug just blew my mind. Because I feel bad because… I repeat certain things, but I mean it as well.


Sharon obviously notices too: the journey of love is slowly but surely getting serious. Very serious.

I find myself in a unique situation and feel several men at the same time. Which is very nice…

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