Who will be there on October 14th?

The show is canceled this Friday, but next week the Riverboat will be back with various guests to chat about careers, future plans and personal affairs.

Since 1992, when it was still called the MDR Club, mdr talk show Riverboat has been providing the best entertainment on Friday nights. The talk show steamer alternates between Berlin and Leipzig each week to introduce the audience to a range of interesting guests. The Leipzig edition will be moderated by Jörg Kachelmann and Kim Fisher, while in Berlin Fisher will host the show with rotating guest hosts following the departure of bestselling author Sebastian Fitzek.

Riverboat: October 14 Guest Review

in 2022 October 14 At Riverboat, exciting stories, touching biographies and funny anecdotes from a wide range of public figures await, which will be generously discussed in a diverse panel. The following guests will be in the conversation that Friday:

  • Ben Becker, actor
  • Denise Herrmann, Olympic biathlon champion
  • Pop singer Gerd Christian
  • Musician Rainer Oleaks
  • Katrin Sass, actress
  • Director of the Leipzig Zoo, Prof. Dr. Jörg Junhold and animal keeper Jörg Gräser
  • Reinhold and Diane Messner, climbers and wife
  • Anett Katzschmann, showwoman

Air Dates and Channels: When and Where is Riverboat?

On October 7, “Riverboat” takes a break from broadcasting “Golden Henne”. From October 14 you can as usual Fridays from 10:00 p.m both inside Dr inside as well rbb Tune in and enjoy the Friday night talk show and its guests. In order not to miss the issue, you should mark the following dates in your calendar:

  • On October 14, it will be possible to see from 10 p.m. via mdr and rbb
  • On October 21, it will be available to see from 10 p.m. via mdr and rbb
  • On October 28, it will be available to see from 10 p.m. via mdr and rbb
  • On November 4, it will be available to see from 10 p.m. via mdr and rbb
  • November 11, will be available from 10 p.m. via mdr and rbb
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If you missed the show, next Saturday at 10.30am. you will be able to catch Riverboat on rbb or on demand in the ARD media library for the flow.

By the way: At the turn of the year, rbb turns its back on “River Boat”. Therefore, from 2023 mdr will be broadcast again every week from Leipzig (via t-online).

If you’re interested in political talk in addition to Riverboat, don’t miss Markus Lanz Tuesday-Thursday:

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