Who will broadcast the 3rd place match – Croatia vs Morocco

in 2022 The World Cup in Qatar is controversial, but many football fans still want to enjoy it on television and broadcasts. But when and where should you get involved?

Because in 2022 With the World Cup not being held in summer as usual, but in winter, it is likely that many fans will reach for a warming mulled wine instead of an ice cold beer. And this will not be the only change, because everyone who expects to watch the competition in its entirety and for free as before on free TV, will unfortunately have to be disappointed. Instead, selected parties exclusively on Magenta TV on the air, as well as the upcoming Game 3 on Saturday, 2022. December 17

Upcoming games in brief:

Would you like to turn on the radio? Then in this article you can find out which broadcaster is broadcasting in 2022. world championship:

3rd Place Match: Only on Magenta TV

Deutsche Telekom secured the 2022 World Cup broadcast rights. Accordingly, you must register subscription at Magenta TV – at least if you want to watch the 3rd place game on Saturday 2022. December 17 The Croatia-Morocco game will not be shown on free-to-air TV, but only on Magenta TV. Start at 4 p.m. In the finale, as usual, you can turn on the first one.

Watch the 3rd place match now on Magenta TV

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You can read everything you need to know about Magenta TV here:

in 2022 World Cup: Who will broadcast the final?

The grand final between Argentina and France is scheduled for Sunday, 2022. December 18 Start at 4 p.m. You can turn it on in the first. Pre-report starts at 3:00 p.m. As defending champions, Les Bleus will start the match full of fight, but Argentina have nothing to give either. After all, for team captain Lionel Messi, this should be his last chance to win the world championship title as an active player.

  • December 18: Argentina-France, from 4:00 p.m first and up Magenta TV

No TV connection? You can also get the first one for free via waipu.tv.

Who comments in 2022 world cup final?

The World Cup final will be shown on the former in 2022. December 18 In the last few weeks, Christina Graf, Gerd Gottlob, Florian Naß and Tom Bartels acted as commentators and brought you games that were broadcast for the first time. Tom Bartels will commentate the final (via sports show). Esther Sedlaczek and Bastian Schweinsteiger work as experts.

In the quiz you can prove how well you know football:

Bundesliga quiz: Are you a football expert?

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