Who will make it to the semi-finals?

In the clip: who should go to the final duel?

Duel in the final: Calvin Kleinen vs. Daniel Köllerer

After the last challenge there are Simex, Elena Miras, Daniel Köllerer, Calvin Kleinen and Ennesto Monté to choose from. On the other hand, Carina Spack and Daniele Negroni will definitely advance to the next round and will not have to go to a doubleheader.

Even though Daniel was recently promoted on the popularity list due to his feud with Calvin among other celebrities and is definitely nominated, Simex and Calvin aren’t over. The other candidates should decide which of them should compete against the former tennis player. But Calvin confronts his “little brother,” as he affectionately calls Simex, and willingly enters the duel.

The Big Celebrity Repentance: No decision in the semi-finals

who’s out Neither Daniel nor Calvin have to leave camp in the semi-finals of The Big Celebrity Penance. Because the thrilling duel between the two brawls will only take place in the grand finale on August 11, starting at 8:15 p.m. through ProSieben and Joyn. Which candidate will win? And who will ultimately secure the title?

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