Who will replace Latifi Williams?

11:08 a.m

Latifi’s successor is still unknown

The official press release only says that Latifi will be leaving the team. There is no successor yet. This will be announced in due course. Meanwhile, Latifi himself thanks the team.

“Even though we didn’t get the results we hoped for together, it was still a fantastic journey,” recalls the Canadian, adding that he will now open “the next chapter of my career.”

What that looks like is still unclear. In the meantime, he wants to continue to give his all for Williams until the end of the season.

11:18 a.m

Capito: Latifi is ‘a great team player’

Meanwhile, Williams team principal Jost Capito said he wanted to thank Latifi “on behalf of the whole team” for “three years of hard work at Williams”.

“He is a great team player, has a great attitude towards his colleagues and his work, and is well-liked and respected across the business,” Capito said.

“Our time together is coming to an end. […] We wish him the best of luck in the future, in and out of the cockpit,” said the team manager.

11:03 a.m

Latifi leaves Williams.

Breaking news: Williams just announced that Nicholas Latifi will be leaving the team at the end of the year. More on that in the section!

10:45 a.m

Aston Martins theme…

… by the way, I can recommend this video to you too. Our expert Marc Surer explains why Fallows and newcomer Fernando Alonso need to move slowly forward in 2023.

Things MUST move forward with Alonso & Fallows at Aston!

Marc Surer: Why aerodynamics are Aston Martin’s great hope and what role ‘alpha animal’ Fernando Alonso could play. More Formula 1 videos

10:31 a.m

Aston Martin is confident: 2023 “much more competitive”

Aston Martin at the moment ninth and penultimate place in the world championship. But Dan Fallows doesn’t expect that to remain the case in 2023. “We think [das neue Auto] will be much more competitive than this year’s car,” he announces.

“I’m confident we can take a big step forward with the AMR23,” he explains confidently, adding that he expects improvements “everywhere” in the car. There are currently “hundreds of projects” to make the car faster.

“All this will increase the performance of the car,” he is confident. We are curious. Even if Sebastian Vettel will of course no longer benefit…

10:13 a.m

Speaking of returning…

Vettel might also be very well advised to save one. Our photo series shows that something like this can quickly recover. But other times it worked pretty well…

09:59 a.m

Marko does not believe in Vettel’s return

Interview with the weekly “Die Zeit” Sebastian Vettel spoke very openly about his resignation. His longtime supporter Helmut Marko does not believe that the four-time world champion will return again.

“No. I think it’s final,” he clarified in an interview with us, explaining: “He has other priorities and a different view of the world. Then it’s not appropriate for you to drive a brand backed by an Arab oil company.”

“Aston Martin is a luxury brand with eight and twelve cylinders. It is not reliable, and then it is a logical consequence. I am sure that the environmental issue will now be given more attention,” says Marko.

Anyway, we wish him all the best for the rest of his life – whatever that looks like.

9:36 a.m

Norris: Might as well learn something from Ricciardo

So back to the current situation at McLaren: while Lando Norris is clearly in control of Daniel Ricciardo in the world championship, he points out that he has been able to learn a lot from the Australian during their two years together at McLaren.

“It’s not like he’s better than me in every area. […] But there are some things he does very well. And I was able to learn from that,” reveals Norris, who also makes it clear that it didn’t take him to a “new level.”

“Every little bit you can learn from somebody helps,” clarifies Norris, reminding us: “He’s got a lot more experience than me and has been in Formula 1 a lot longer. He’s won races, I’ve never.”

That is why he was able to take useful things from the time spent together.

09:14 a.m

Ten years ago today…

Sebastian Vettel won the Grand Prix…

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