Who would be a more suitable striker for Bayern?

From FC Bayern a true striker has been missing since the departure of Robert Lewandowski. It looks like the False Nine experiment will not work and those in charge will likely soon be wondering who can strengthen the squad next summer. The main interest of the people of Munich Harry Kane is well known and has now been confirmed by Bayern insider Christian Falk. Transfer market now reports that FCB is also watching Lautaro Martinez threw out

We compare the two players and analyze who would be the right striker for FC Bayern.

Harry Kane is a true goalscorer and is consistently among the top scorers in the game Premier League. The forward scored 254 goals in 395 games for Spurs. His best result in the Premier League came in 2018, scoring 30 goals this season. His quota for the Three Lions is similarly strong, with 50 goals in 73 appearances. Among other things, the Englishman won the top scorer of the 2018 World Cup with six goals.

Lautaro Martinez falls a little short in this comparison. The Argentine scored 77 goals in 190 games Inter Milan.. He has also scored three goals this season, half as many as Kane. But otherwise, his proclivity speaks for Lautaro. He has been level with Kane in the league in recent years with 17 and 21 goals respectively. With the national team, he is short of Kane’s quota with 20 goals in 38 games. In general, the Englishman is a slightly more dangerous player.

Point for Kane: 1-0

Both players are useful to the team in their own way. Kane in particular has developed this ability over the years. He has 23 assists in the last two Premier League seasons, which is pretty amazing for a striker. Kane can hook and place balls, making excellent use of his body and technique.

Lautaro Martinez has made a total of 20 assists in the league since joining Inter Milan in the summer of 2018. In this category, he managed to shine with only ten assists in the 2020/21 season. But without Lukaku, he only managed three goals last season. However, a certain team spirit cannot be denied from the Argentine. Again and again he gets away from the wings, has the ability to go one-on-one to create spaces. The 25-year-old is also absolutely useful in the passing game.

Point for Kane: 2-0

Harry Kane is the current captain of the Three Lions and the absolute leader of Spurs. Described as down-to-earth and calm, the Englishman is a professional that younger lads look up to. Kane is also capable of taking over and is not one to get carried away in tight matches. He brings a winning mentality with him, even if he’s not known as an absolute “fighting pig.”

In comparison, Lautaro Martinez is much hotter and more emotional than Harry Kane. The Argentine oozes the will to win and is usually 100 percent. However, it may look different if things go wrong. Martinez can lose his temper on bad plays, leading to foul play or his absence. But for the most part, the actor is in control, which can be seen in the fact that he has only been sent off from Serie A. Kane, on the other hand, has never been sent off from the Premier League.

There is no rating

Harry Kane is a striker who is significantly closer to Robert Lewandowski. The Englishman is quite tall – 1.88 meters, so he can firmly establish himself in the penalty area. Due to his technique, he is always able to connect balls and is maybe even a bit stronger than the Pole. While Kane can’t match his goalscoring quota, he’s also a midfielder with both feet and a powerful shot. Kane, like Lewandowski, is not one who has great speed. In fact, it is a tradition at FC Bayern to play a true top team that brings a certain strength and physical presence. Kane would certainly be an ideal striker for FC Bayern.

Lautaro Martinez is significantly shorter at 1.74 meters. Accordingly, he can only create limited danger in the overhead game, which means that the flanks are mostly left ineffective. Also, he is not a player who collects high balls and distributes them with his back to the goal. What one of the Argentinian…

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