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A new jury, new broadcast dates, a new moderator and an unusually early start: the talent show “The Voice of Germany” begins its twelfth season. You can find all the information here.

who’s out What’s next? Teams in brief:

In “blind auditions”, talents sing in front of a jury without the coaches seeing the performance. Because the judges sat with their backs to the stage. If they like what they hear, they buzz and their chair spins. This is a signal that they want a candidate for their team. After multiple coaches rotate, the talent decides which team to go to. Candidates then have to make it to live performances through battles and auditions. The audience then decides the progression. Here you can see who I am on which team.

Peter Maffay Team:

  • Julian Pförtner
  • in Lewicki
  • Sissy is an angel
  • Leo Karakaya
  • Susan Agbor
  • Charlotte Torchalla
  • Leona Shijak
  • Katharina Merker
  • Jenny Oberst-Harth
  • Franziska Kleinert
  • Mohammad Fahmi
  • Guido Westermann
  • Tick ​​Jens
  • Jessy Tawiah
  • Kevin Tschopp (Team Rea’s Steal Deal)
  • Dominik Graf von Schwerin (In Battle)
  • Alex Ohles (Retired)
  • Sarah Barrelly (in battle)
  • Katja Forg (In Battle)
  • Michael Gallistl (In Battle)

Stefanie Kloss Team:

  • Andre Deininger
  • Albert Rabaev
  • Bastian Benoit Rauschmeier
  • Don Virandana
  • Basti Schmidt
  • Jorg Lornsen
  • Lizi Gogua
  • Luan Huber
  • Jens Gilles
  • Aubrey Bacani
  • Ayham Fajad
  • Dominic Puntigam
  • Paul Seifert
  • Jay Jacker
  • Tami Rahman (Steal Deal von Team Rea)
  • Leander Gronem (Departed)
  • Nico David Anfuso (Went to battle)
  • Richard Tedja (Raus im Battle)
  • Sophie Buchmann (In Battle)

Team Rea Garvey:

  • Beautiful Robin
  • Sophie is free
  • Christian Torrez
  • Yasya Levchenko
  • Mare Förster
  • Luke and Clement King
  • Marlon Lee Newman
  • Siegmar Meemken
  • Björn Meyer
  • Sara Aluwuru
  • Rina Grundke
  • Jan Bleeker
  • Vincenzo “Uncle Wintz” Rindone
  • Luka Maksim Klais (Team Mark’s Stolen Deal)
  • Kevin Tschopp (-> Team Peter)
  • Tami Rahman (-> Team Stefanie)
  • Benjamin Gremmler (In Battle)
  • Lisa Pauli (In Battle)
  • Lucy Grimm (Raus im Battle)
  • Nadine Pimanov (Battle)

Team Mark Forster:

  • Bruno Flütsch
  • Sid Bader
  • Anna Ogrezeanu
  • Renee Bludeau
  • Anja Beck-Harth
  • Marlon Falter
  • Jerome Mitchell
  • Nadine Traore
  • Ceri Hall-Brady
  • James Boyle
  • link
  • Luca Wefes
  • Ody’s guardian
  • Christina and Dionisia Gravo
  • Luka Maksim Klais (-> Team Rea)
  • Samuel Franklin (In Battle)
  • Hanna Trabert (In Battle)
  • Louis Schubert (In Battle)
  • Leonardo Kryeziu (“Raus im Battle”)

Episode after episode – battles

Episode 12 (Third Battle Show): Viewers see eight very different fights in this episode. Sophie Buchmann vs André Deininger with Aerosmith’s Cryin, Jens Gilles vs Leander Gronem with Calum Scott’s Dancing On My Own, Marlon Lee Newman vs Lucy Grimm with Dua Lipa’s Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) + Elton John, Nadine Pimanov vs. Bella Robin w/ Kate Bush “Running Up That Hill”, Anny Ogrezean vs. Samuel “Sammy” Franklin w/ Bill Medley’s “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” + Jennifer Warnes, Luca Wefes & Luka Maksim Klais w/ Marlene Dietrich “Sag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind”, Julian Pförtner vs. Michi Gallistl with Shawn Mendes “There’s No Holding Back” and Susan Agbor vs. Katja Forg with “I’m Every Woman” Chaka Khan + Whitney Houston. An emotional highlight is the pre-war song “Tell me where the flowers are”, which Luca and Luca recite. Trainer Mark Forster picks long-haired Luca with a C, but TVOG’s Luca doesn’t end either: Rea Garvey gets to steal the deal.


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Episode 11 (Second Battle Show): This episode features seven battles. Basti Schmidt vs Nico David Anfuso with Madonna’s Frozen, Sophie Frei vs Benny Gremmler with ABBA’s SOS, Kevin Tschopp vs Tami Rahman vs Christian Torez with Duncan Lawrence’s Arcade, Hanna Trabert vs Anja Beck-Harth with We Build This City by Starship, Luis Schubert vs Sidney Bader with Harry Styles How It Was, Dominik Graf von Schwerin vs Charlotte Torchalla with I Feel Like You – Tabaluga & Lilli Peter Maffay, Guido Westermann vs Alex Ohles with Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark. The Battle of the Night is a three-way performance between Christian Torrez, Kevin Tschopp and Tami Rahman. Rea Garvey takes Christian to the next round, but the theft deals lead to Kevin coming to Peter Maffay and Tahmi to Stefanie…

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