“Wolf Islands – 20 Hours” on TV: who’s there? All the actors and their roles at a glance

Wolfsland – 20 Hours is a German crime thriller starring Götz Schubert, Yvonne Catterfeld and Christina Große. Find out more about the plot, TV broadcast, cast and crew here.

Important facts about televisionThe movie Wolfsland – 20 Hours:
Publication: 12/22/2022
Duration: 1 hour and 28 minutes
Genres: Crime Movie, TV Movie, Drama, Mystery

“Wolf Country – 20 Hours” synopsis

Sunny late afternoon. No horror, no crows, no mischief far away. Burkhard “Butsch” Schulz (Götz Schubert) has recovered from a serious injury and feels more alive than ever. Also Viola Delbrück (Yvonne Catterfeld) manages its demons well enough to seem almost optimistic and full of life. Together, the two move furniture into Butsch’s new apartment, teasing him and her, as a piercing scream echoes in the stairwell. The beginning of the nightmare must have lasted 20 hours.
This movie is suitable for everyone who likes TV movies, dramas, crime and mystery genres.

“Wolf Islands – 20 Hours” actors: who plays whom?

The stars of this movie are an actorGötz Schubert as Burkhard “Butsch” Schulz, Yvonne Catterfeld as Viola Delbrück and Christina Große as prosecutor Anne Konzak.

“Wolf Islands – 20 Hours” actors and their roles in brief:

  • Götz Schubert as Burkhard “Butsch” Schulz
  • Yvonne Catterfeld as Viola Delbrück
  • Christina Große as prosecutor Anne Konzak
  • Lasse Myhr as Gunnar Wendt
  • Jan Dose as Uli “Jakob” Böhme
  • Stephan Grossmann as Herr Grimm
  • Petra Zieser as Rose Delbruck
  • Hilmar Eichhorn as Clemens Wendt
  • Eva Weißenborn as Suse Wendt
  • Paul Wollin as Stefan Gröba

Who else is in the Wolf Island – 20 Hours crew?

MOLINA FILM GmbH & Co. The country of manufacture of the KG tape was Germany. From the director from Wolfsland – 20 Hours is Cüneyt Kaya. This script Sönke Lars Neuwohner and Sven S. Poser wrote for the film. Because of music and sound Andreas Weidinger (Music) participated in this project.

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When will “Wolf Islands – 20 Hours” be released?

“Wolf Country – 20 Hours” will be available on German TV on December 22, 2022. Running time is 1 hour and 28 minutes.

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