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Suspicion of bribery and money laundering: Brussels is embroiled in a corruption scandal. In the centre: EU Vice President Eva Kaili and her partner. Who are those two?

Brussels – anger, frustration and horror: a few days later Corruption appeared in the European Parliament Confusion still reigns in Brussels and other European capitals. “We haven’t experienced anything like this for a long time,” said the German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) and called for a full investigation into the scandal that is shaking the European Union (EU) to its foundations and which is centered on Vice President Eva Kaili.

A Greek politician once seen as a beacon of hope is now under arrest along with her partner on suspicion of bribery and corruption. But who is that woman? A look at their sudden rise and deep fall.

Vice-President of the European Parliament: Eve Kyle
Replace: 44 years old
partner / partner Francesco Giorgi
Child: daughter

Corruption in the European Parliament: the arrest of Eva Kaili in Brussels – who is the Vice-President of the Parliament?

From January 2022, Eva Kaili was elected only one of the 14 vice-presidents of the European Parliament. By now, she was a well-known face, especially in her native Greece. That suddenly changed when she was arrested on Friday, 2022. December 9, Brussels. From one day to the next, the woman and mother is known throughout the (EU).

Alleged corruption: EU Vice President Eva Kaili. © imago

Eva Kaili Private: Member of the European Parliament and mother of a daughter is in custody with her partner and partner

As part of investigations into possible Qatari influence on politicians, EU Parliament Vice-President Kaili and several parliament staff were arrested, including her Italian partner Francesco Giorgi, with whom the 44-year-old has a two-year-old daughter. The two have been in a relationship for five years and have now been arrested along with two other suspects. Another person is also being investigated.

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According to the investigators, Kaili is suspected of collecting money in order to influence the political decisions of the host country of the World Cup. For example, easing visa rules for Qatari citizens is currently being considered at the EU level. Police said they caught Kaili “in flagrante” and took several bags full of cash from her.

The rise and fall of Eva Kaili: The Greek entered politics at the age of 20

With that, Eva Kaili experienced Politics deep fall Before her arrest, her career path was only in one direction: up. She first appeared in her hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece, where in 1998, at the age of 20, she became a member of the city council of the social democratic party Pasok.

What followed was a perfect ascent: in addition to studying architecture, she obtained a diploma in international and European relations and completed an internship. Since 2004 she moderated the station Mega daily news – and became known nationwide. Then in 2009 came the move to the Greek Parliament. In 2014, we went to Brussels. She has always been considered a crossroads in her party, the news channel reported n-tv about a young woman.

After learning of the arrest, Pasok immediately reacted and started the party’s expulsion procedure. Theirs She was removed from the post of EU vice-president. And in Greece, all assets were frozen.

Assets frozen and confiscated: Germany’s SPD happy with action against Kaili

To Deutschland the action against Kyle was noted with satisfaction. It’s good that the MEPs were taken away so quickly, said the SPD leader Lars Klingbeil. Her behavior and that of the other suspects “was in no way acceptable, it cannot be explained, it cannot be tolerated,” Klingbeil stressed. “These people do not represent social democratic values, they must leave our party. So I’m glad that action was taken so quickly.”

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