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Many of the dangers to workers there were in tanks, silos, pipelines, boilers or shafts. In particular, access to confined spaces is associated with significant risks that must be reduced or eliminated through a comprehensive work and safety concept. Another important cause of major accidents in these confined spaces is a lack of staff or insufficient training. With CSE (Confined Spaces Entry) training, companies are trying to overcome this shortcoming.

Employees have to enter and work in the so-called “enclosed spaces”, especially for maintenance, cleaning, troubleshooting and modification work. Enclosed spaces are workplaces surrounded on all sides, mainly or partially by solid walls, where workers are exposed to particular risks due to their spatial enclosure or the substances, preparations, contamination or equipment they contain. In addition to the increased risk of accidents, difficult working conditions can also lead to health problems and the resulting diseases, such as respiratory diseases.

The concept of working in an enclosed space and safety

In order to protect workers working indoors from accidents and illness, risk evaluation to present the concept of work and safety. In the light of this concept, the following points need to be clarified in particular:

  • ventilation operation,
  • Clearance measurement (determination of gas and oxygen content in the room),
  • Lighting and tools, evacuation devices and communication systems,
  • suitability for use of all equipment.

In addition, the concept must provide answers to all organizational questions:

  • Who takes on the role of supervisor?
  • Who is responsible for all personal measures?
  • What is a free meter?
  • Who is the security guard who communicates with the outside world outside the enclosed space?
  • Which of the participants is dedicated to the rescuer?
  • Were all involved instructed and is everyone aware of the safety and rescue measures currently planned by the company?
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Performance monitoring and documentation

Once the concept of work and safety has been developed, employees are still not allowed to enter and start working indoors (in technical jargon: “enter”). Because in order to prove the suitability and validity of the work and safety concept, an efficiency check must first be performed. This framework examines whether the concept can be put into practice in practice, whether all the intended protection objectives have been achieved and to what extent further optimization is needed.

For example, with regard to the concept of rescue, it is examined whether all the measures are really seamless and whether the rescue chain has been thought through from start to finish. The level of knowledge of rescuers is important: for the interaction between external and internal rescuers to be optimal, everyone involved needs to know all the specifications – and they need to be updated. continuous training.

Only after a thorough inspection of all links in the safety and rescue chain can the documents required for indoor work be drawn up and issued: a driving license, a work permit (often summarized as a driving license or simply a permit) and instructions for use.

Especially important: access to cramped spaces

Access to enclosed spaces, which are usually even narrower than the space itself, is a particular challenge for the safety of indoor workers. At least the following points must be taken into account (selection):

  • The air in the enclosure must first be “measured freely” with a gas detector. This means checking for high levels of toxins in the air and whether there is enough oxygen.
  • The result of the ground clearance measurement is then marked on the entry permit. Based on the values ​​set, a decision must be made on how to proceed. Is it possible to improve the air by means of ventilation so that it is possible to drive in a narrow space? Or should it only be accessed with protective equipment with respiratory protection and autonomous oxygen supply?
  • It is also necessary to determine which access method will be used to enter the narrow space. The most commonly used ladder. However, in most cases access is only possible using a rope and …
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