WoW Classic areas are too full and will be closed

Blizzard is no longer a queue host. To A WoW classic The spheres are now closed, no one inventing new ones – perhaps forever.

There are currently two main factions in World of Warcraft Classic preparing for the Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

  • One group plays in the “not so hip” realm and gets along well with it, with little wait time.
  • Another group plays in the most popular “mega-houses” and has there the waiting time is many hours.

Blizzard has now decided on a very radical solution: the most popular realms are closed, new players can no longer access them.

What’s happening in WoW Classic right now? The Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch has brought many players back to World of Warcraft, who are now flocking to the Realms. Many still want to use the time before the official launch to level a death knight or prepare any other class in Northrend.

The problem with this is that most players seem to want to be in a few areas that are now breaking. This leads to absurd wait times of 8 hours or more and also causes delays in areas.

There was no improvement for several days. Therefore, there are always voices that Blizzard should do something to improve the situation.

While there are free character transfers from crowded realms, they are rarely used. It makes sense, because most of them want to play in the sphere where their friends are, and they are afraid that sooner or later they will end up in a “dead” sphere, where there are no more groups and the economy has stopped.

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By the way, if you’re currently playing WoW Classic, you’ll get a mount in Modern WoW:

You can get a new mount in WoW, but you have to play Classic for that.

Why doesn’t Blizzard just increase kingdom capacity?

There are always calls on the WoW forum or subreddit for Blizzard to not be so stingy and just increase the capacity of the respective areas. This is where Blizzard stepped in the official WoW forum now it is clear: it is simply impossible. Occupied spheres work as far as is technically possible.

Let’s start with a simple and clear statement: the mega spheres in the US and EU regions where you currently have to deal with queues are completely full. This is an absolute situation and there are no additional options to add to these realms to accommodate more players or reduce wait times.

The reaction from many players is that Blizzard should just open up more layers in all areas so that more players have a place in the game world. However, this is also not an option, since layers cannot increase the capacity of a sphere:

[…] Layers do not increase capacity in any way. […]

Area capacity is determined by the number of connections that the server can handle simultaneously. Every time a player connects to a realm, that connection interacts with multiple services, systems, and loads a database that collects data about players, spells, quests, creatures, auctions, and so on. When the total number of all connections to an area’s database reaches a certain number, performance degrades or crashes on multiple levels, resulting in symptoms such as massive auction house lag, chat issues, or item loot delays.

Never in the history of WoW have realms had as much capacity as they do now, and even with modern capacities we sometimes run into performance issues when realms are full or databases are overloaded.

Players have only one choice: they have to switch areas

Blizzard makes it very clear here that capacity cannot be increased without causing even more problems. Therefore, it is clearly stated that there is only one solution:

Currently, the best and only way to mitigate the problems in affected areas is to use free transfer and leave those areas. There is no technical solution to this issue. There is no hardware solution for this. The situation isn’t going to get better when Wrath of the Lich King Classic comes out in late September, it’s only going to get worse.

WoW is shutting down…

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